Victory over the Darkness bible study

  • KickOff, Sunday, September 12th

    The Victory Over The Darkness Bible Study will be led by Ann Harris, Kickoff will be on Sunday, September 12th, and the study will begin Tuesday, September 14th. Details will be announced soon!

    Every day we make choices about the things we think about. There are vital truths in God's word that applies to our everyday lives. As we make these choices, do we focus on believing and internalizing God's truth, or do we just rely on our feelings? Jesus has an abundant Christian life for each of us. We don't want to miss out on the good gifts He wants to give us. In Christ, we are accepted, secure and significant!

    Ann will take us through the book, Victory Over the Darkness with a bible study she herself has written to accompany the book. You won't want to miss this opportunity to find Freedom in Christ.