Operation CHristmas Child

Please donate to the OCC Ministry HERE to allow us to purchase shoebox items in bulk.

  • 2022 sHOEBOX Ministry

    The OCC Ministry Team thanks everyone who has supported this ministry by purchasing items and donating them to our project.  As we have gained experience with OCC ministry, our Ministry Team believes that moving our local ministry into bulk item purchasing for our boxes is the best way to increase our participation in this project. Here are some of the reasons for this decision:

    • Focusing donations to purchase bulk items allows us to purchase higher quality items at discounted cost, thereby allowing for more items to be purchased with less money which promotes good stewardship.
    • Bulk purchasing allows us to target items that are needed for a specific age group or gender so that we can better predict and control the number of boxes packed for any group.
    • Bulk purchasing will allow us to assure that each box packed by our church is a good quality box with quality items in every box.
    • Bulk purchasing will streamline our organization and packing events so that you can actively participate in packing boxes without any worry about picking the correct items for each box. 
    • And finally, Bulk purchasing will allow us to pack more boxes and reach more children for the glory of God-the goal of this ministry.

    Please continue to support this ministry by giving online or by designating your donation on the envelope for your offering.