Operation CHristmas Child

Year Round Collection - we collect items year round to support this ministry. If you are unable to purchase items, we will do it for you! You may donate HERE!

  • Collection  Item of the Month  - Stuffed Animals

    Our collection item for October is Stuffed Animals. This is one of the most popular items of children who receive shoeboxes. Children of all ages love stuffed animals. Opening a box, and finding a stuffed animal on top will bring smiles to children around the world.

    “When I lifted the lid on my purple plastic shoebox, the first thing I saw was a stuffed dog. I was filled with exuberant joy! I just remember hugging it.”–Yuliya, Central Asia

  • ONLINE Shopping Links

    While you are unable to go shopping at retail stores for shoebox items, you can shop online! Here are some ideas:

    Dollar Tree - Lots of toy options, school supplies, tools, and many other items.

    Oriental Trading - Crafts, toys, coloring books, you name it, they have it!

    Walmart - Check the clearance items, especially for seasonal finds.

    Amazon - Need we say more?