Our God is a God of restoration. He restores relationships, lives, homes, churches, and as we see in Nehemiah, even entire cities. Join us as we see God rebuild, restore, and revitalize our relationships and our church on this journey. 
Each week, the passage for the upcoming service will be posted prior to Sunday so that you may prayerfully study and meditate on God's Word in Nehemiah. Consider using the Swedish Bible Study Method to enhance your study of the text and discover what God is revealing to you. Sermon notes will be added after the services.

Sermon Series

Week  6 -  Nehemiah Chapter 5 - Stewardship in God's Economy (June 18th)
Week  5 -  Nehemiah Chapter 4 - Rebuilding in the Face of Opposition - Sermon Notes
Week 4 -  Nehemiah Chapter 3 - Building Together - Sermon Notes
Week 3 -  Nehemiah Chapter 2: 11 - 20 - Rise Up & Build  - Sermon Notes
Week 2 -  Nehemiah Chapter 2: 1 - 10 - The Drive to Revitalize - Sermon Notes
Week 1 -  Nehemiah Chapter 1 - The Groundwork for Revitalization -   Sermon Notes